What is Mobile Marketing?

It’s a digital marketing strategy that uses multi-channel internet platforms to reach target consumers, approximately 70% of internet users own smartphones where the business owners can advertise their products and services.

Multi-channel internet platform digital marketing strategy..
Multi-Channel Internet platform..

Although some mobile devices may only be open to a few advertising channels, example, a basic cell phone that can only receive calls and text message. While other high-end devices that support many mobile capabilities, including mobile Internet access, video messaging, and the ability to actively initiate and interact with advertising, for example, by scanning a Quick Response/QR code.

Why is Mobile Marketing so Important?

With an average of two mobile phones per person, Mobile devices are now human’s best friends. Digital marketers are taking advantage of the statistics and applying marketing strategies to the next level which is the Mobile Marketing.

Mobile Internet Marketing

Almost all of the Small to Medium size, businesses today uses the approach of advertising through mobile. Which potentially grab the attention of its audiences and may lead to a steady growth of a company.

Types of Mobile Marketing

The most widely practice marketing strategy of the digital world is Mobile Marketing. Based on statistics of mobile users and given how much time people spend on their phones.

Types of Mobile Marketing..

The most reliable communication method for marketers which ensures that the message will get to the target audience. Let’s discuss the types of mobile marketing and its used.

There are four types of Mobile Marketing and its different purposes.
  • SMS Marketing
  • App-base Marketing
  • Mobile Search Ads
  • Mobile Image Ads

SMS Messages

Small local businesses use mass texting services which would increase the engagement and boost the loyalty of your customers.

SMS Message
  • Reaching out a customer or prospect lead through SMS texting.
  • It is one of the best approaches for small to medium businesses.
  • Text messages have 98% open rate and 45% interaction rate.


Another proven type of mobile marketing is by using an application or an app. They will direct the user to the page where your target customer can immediately download the app.

app based
App-based marketing
  • Users most apps downloaded contain ads and it’s another way mobile marketing strategy.
  • Mobile app-based clicks per cost are 24% less than desktop and have a 40% higher CTR.

Mobile search ads

Search Engine ads can be very powerful, but it should be used in the proper way to benefit the marketer and the company. Most companies are investing in search ads, but are not getting the wanted results, simply because they’re not using it decently and purposefully.

  • People are owning one to three mobile devices in average.
  • It can be used to search product and services using mobile browser.
  • There is 70% of searches lead to action on a website within every hour.

Mobile image ads

High resolution image ads are another powerful way to promote your business in the form of moving and static images. Your business can use image ads to increase the brand awareness, as the visuals are very effective and memorable.

Mobile Images Ads
  • In every mobile search engine displays fancy banners or high definition images.
  • Search engines are linked to a product or services you search.
  • Approximately 69% of digital media time spent on mobile devices.

Final Thought

Knowing the importance, what are the benefits and how it works. Mobile Marketing is indeed a team effort and a product of every Marketing team. Whether it’s a short term and long term marketing campaign, mobile marketing prove to work effectively.

Giving any business owner or any Digital Marketer the best and immediate results that would possible impact on the future. A Marketing team that optimized the marketing strategy for Mobile users will give a sharp advantage to its competitors.

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