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How mobile marketing works by Finding the right audience for the right business does not mean marketers are closing the doors on people who don’t fall under the criteria of the target customer. Your marketing resources and brand message could direct you to a specific demographic. By targeting audiences that are more likely to purchase your product or service.

Targeting your customer

Research and analyze the demographics and psychographics of your target audience. Identify who needs and why they buy your products or services.

how mobile marketing work
Target Audience

The Demographic factor tells who are your buyers in terms of Age, Gender and Location. The Psychographics factor tells why they buy, which is likely because of the emotion, personality and attitude.

How mobile marketing works by Advertising on Social Media

Mobile and Social Media has been the biggest advantage in Digital Marketing. Generating a disruption in the market like no other channels could.

Social Media Marketing

Statistics show in 2020 the global social penetration rate reached 49%, with East Asia and North America. Having the highest penetration rate at 71% and 69%, respectively, followed by Northern Europe at 67%. The leap is seen across the board: on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, just to name a few.

How mobile marketing works by setting up the Goal

Majority of smartphone users use social media. No doubt about it and it’s an ultimate way to stay connected with family and friends. Setting up the goal is the most important aspect of any social media marketing strategy. The marketer should focus more about engagement and providing solutions to problems rather than selling.

Marketing Goal
These proven goals:
  • Brand Awareness to increase engagement.
  • Enhance Public Relations to improve the ratings.
  • Build Community of Advocates to gain more followers.
  • Research and Development to keep track of competitors.
  • Driving Leads to increase web traffic and generate sales.

How mobile marketing works by Creating Social Media PPC Campaign

The effective process of Mobile Marketing is to develop an easy framework Pay-per-Click Campaign strategy. Marketers and Advertisers now have numbers of ways to target their audiences.


There are steps that could help marketers to develop more advanced Pay-per-Click Campaign strategy for your business. By Defining the Goals to generate and increase leads. Audience Targeting through Google AdWords, Social Media and Optimizing the landing page.

How mobile marketing works in Location Base Marketing

Another way of direct marketing strategy is using a mobile device’s location. Which alert the device’s owner about deals, coupons or an offering from a nearby business.


A Study found that consumers are willing to share their data in exchange for discounts rewards and other consumer benefits. Based on statistics, 99.6% would share data for cash a reward, 89.3% for location-based discounts and 65.2% of loyalty points.

How mobile marketing works by Offering Deals and Discounts.

How mobile marketing works by offering discounts and coupons for your store could be a powerful strategy in your conversion arsenal. Drive new sales and customer loyalty.


Using this kind of approach could highly increase your customer acquisition. Loyalty and conversion which could possibly lead to increase revenue and meet your sales goal.


Understanding the importance how Mobile Marketing works is indeed a team effort and a product of every Marketing team. Whether, short term and long term marketing campaign, mobile marketing prove to work effectively for a business owner or any Digital Marketer out there.

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